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Anja-Maria Munninger-Poschmann

Anja-Maria Munninger-Poschmann

Dipl. Betriebswirtin (FH), Ganzheitlicher Coach (sensitiv/medial/systemisch), Bewusstseins Trainerin, Expertin für lösungsorientiertes Systemstellen, Ausbilderin im sensitiven/medialen/systemischen Bereich, Astrologie und Meditation. Einzelsitzungen/Workshops/Ausbildungen

Since I was very little – i was allowed to see the beauty in any person and beings. It was naturally for me and i was excited to talk about. But I had to realise that most of the people could not comprehend with the gift I was given including myself.
Therefore I worked privately and hidden – I never stopped seing and sensing the beauty –
but i stopped talking about it until an Australian teacher maked me understood, that i had a very rich intuition and i was able to see the soul and love of beings.

Being aware – of what it means to all of us – to find this special gift within us. I am supporting you to discover your unique gift/talents and life force, to live the life
hat you are born into. Realising this with the love and beauty of your own heart.

Training/Education and Skills

  • Janett Marshall; Energymanagment & Mediumship; AFC/Stansted (UK)
  • Stella Upton/Sue Wood; Art of Mediumship/Auragraph; AFC/Stansted (UK)
  • Colin Hall, Spirituelles Malen – (Basel/CH)
  • Eileen Davies/Colin Bates/Sandy Baker/Matthew Smith/Mediumship & Spiritualism; Eileen Davies/Colin Bates (Stansted/UK)
  • Colin Bates (AFC), Trance Healing (Aarau/CH)
  • Gordon Smith (AFC), Medialität (Hemberg/CH)
  • John Johnson (AFC), Medialität (Hemberg/CH)
  • Arthur Findlay College (AFC), Art and Medialität, Lynn Cortell (Stansted/UK)
  • Damien Wynne – Lichtgitterausbildgung (Schloss Glarisegg/CH)
  • Light-Colour and Sound bei Peter Goldman (Kent/GB)
  • Interdimensionale Energiearbeit bei Peter Goldman (ZH/Bern/CH)
  • Medialität und Geistiges Heilen bei Anima-Experience (ZH/Dübendorf/CH)
  • Medialität Kurs bei Renée Bonanomi (SVNH) (Gwatt/CH)
  • QCT – Teil I bis IV (Quantenheilen/2-Punte Methode) – Andrew Blake (München/DE)
  • Theta Manifesting & Abundance – Stormie Lewis – DCH – (Flawil/CH)
  • BeingInTransformation I & II – Stormie Lewis – DCH – (Wetzikon/CH)
    • Supervision Familienstellen – Damien Wynne – im Rahmen Lichtgitterausbildung (Schloss Glarisegg/CH)
    • Ausbildung/Fortbildung – Familien und Systemisches Stellen – Ingrid Zinnel (Männedorf/CH)
    • Supervisionstage, Kurse, Seminare – Systeme in Aktion – Kristine Alex (Chiemsee/DE)
    • Diverse Workshops Systemaufstellungen seit 2001 – Ilse Maria Singewald, Monika Gössel, etc. (München/DE)
  • Continuous courses further training/astrology coaching – Astrology for the Love of Life – Massimiliano Corti (Wetzikon/CH)
  • Child horoscopes– correspondence course – Anita Cortesi (CH)
  • Basic modules astrological training – Ilsa Maria Singewald (Munich/DE)
  • Touch for Health I & II – IKAMED – (ZH/CH)
  • School for female entrepreneurs (Coaching Course) – WAILEA GmbH (Munich/ZH)
  • Diverse seminars on communication training and coaching
  • Dipl. Betriebswirtin (similar to Bachelor of Business Administration) (FH Dortmund/DE)
  • Bank Business Management Assistant – IHK (Recklinghausen/DE)


Single Settings

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Sensitive-medial consulting helps you to recognize your own situation and, at the same time, enables you to put into practice optimally and promote your own abilities and potentials.

It helps you to understand and change problems and blockages. In addition to that, your intuition can be increased and you can thus make clear decisions from your innermost more freely and easily.

In the following, I would like to briefly go into the difference between sensitive-medial consulting and coaching.

Consulting sessions can take place once or several times involving various topics. Coaching is conducted in such a way that it is a longer and continuous accompanying process that is focused on the change you wish to happen. With sensitive-medial consulting, the accompanying process sustainably sensitizes your perception and in turn, this automatically strengthens your intuition.

Prices for consulting and coaching:
Individual consulting: CHF 180.00 / EUR 150.00 (up to 60 min.)
more than 60 minutes:  per minute CHF 3.00/EUR 2.50

Individual coaching: CHF 180.00 / EUR 140.00 (up to 60 min.)
more than 60 minutes:  per minute CHF 3.00/EUR 2.50

Individual package prices are offered for individual coaching!

Family/Organisation constellations, Physical symptom constellations

Family constellations uncover behaviour patterns adopted from the family of origin. They help – children, parents, couples – to take on the right place in the family and relationship.

Physical symptom constellations reveal the psychological cause – the issue – that is concealed by a symptom, a disorder. Healing processes are initiated.

Organisation constellations/business matters initiate necessary processes of change in organisations. The systemic view helps to make clear decisions and successfully operate a company. Even individual business matters or mobbing situations as well as issues concerning the job and vocation can be deciphered and new paths shown. Mixtures of professional and private issues are untangled. New scopes emerge.

-> More information to systemic consultations

Price Range (irrespective of issue):
CHF 180.00 / EUR 150.00 (up to 60 min.) – alternatively per minute CHF 3.00/EUR 2.50

This type of relationship counselling is based on a combination of various therapeutic elements. It is the combination of intuitive perceptions, systemic and (on request) also astrological consultation. This makes it possible for me to perceive and analyse the challenges within a relationship within minutes.

After that, the current needs and the individual as well as mutual approaches for both partners are shown in a gentle and clear manner. In addition, the strengths of each individual are emphasized. The aim is to place both the individual persons and also the couple as a unity in its fullest strength and harmony.

CHF 300.00 / EUR 250.00 (up to 60 minutes)
CHF 450.00 / EUR 375.00 (up to 90 minutes)

More about this wonderful work – you will find on the German webside 🙂 Thanks!

Classical astrology can provide us with a complete and comprehensive picture of the individual person and his/her potential for development based on date and place of birth. Furthermore, I get an intuitive feeling for the client’s current situation (current state) of the individual planets and constellations by using my intuitive perception, in order to bring possible challenges to light so that they no longer operate in the shadows.

Intuitive astrology can be recommended in the following areas:

  • Personality and its potential for development
  • Love/lovesickness/relationships/choice of partner/dealing with feelings
  • Quest for meaning/self-awareness/the spiritual path

Child Astrology:
Knowing and understanding more about your child and his/her plus and minus points will enable you to pinpoint some of the common parent and child problems that remain unresolved. You can then begin to overcome them in yourself first, and will naturally be able to guide your child with love and a better understanding throughout their life and mould them into responsible characters in this world of theirs. Recommendable for children above 2 years.

-> Download child horoscope flyer

Price for astro session:
Per consultation = CHF 180.00 / EUR 160.00
already included preparation time (radix)

Consultation by distant healing and e-mail is very popular. Just write about your current issue to me. Please word your question as precisely as possible. By means of my intuitive perception, I will get a feeling for the issue and inform you about the insights gained on the issue.

Prices for consultation by email with on-off healing impulse
In the case of consultation by email, I will send out to you a one-off healing impulse directly relating to the issue thanks to the insights gained by my intuitive perception.
Prices per Minute CHF 2.66/EUR 2.33

Remote healing/Distant healing with E-Mail feedback

In addition, I work with the powerful technique of remote healing. I will accompany you over 4 weeks, where requested even longer, and your issue will be supported by healing impulses, including short E-Mail feedback CHF 275.00 / EUR 250.00

Prices for coaching by phone
CHF 80.00 / EUR 60.00 (personal concerns up to 30 min.)
CHF 160.00 / EUR 140.00 (personal concerns up to 60 min.) – Prices per Minute CHF 2.66/EUR 2.33

Group Settings

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Praxis for Holistic Coaching & Sensitiv/Medial Trainings & Astrology

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    Anja-Maria Munninger Poschmann
    Kirchacherstrasse 7
    8608 Bubikon

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